Israel Hurtado healer of the soul

Israel Hurtado is a spiritual and self-growth healer, speaker and self-published author. He uses his gifts of channeling, shamanism and clairvoyance to assist and serve people on their spiritual quests.

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Israel Hurtado with drum and walking stick with Mt. Shasta in the background
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Mt Shasta Spiritual Retreat
2 July – 4 July, 2016
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About Israel Hurtado

Israel is a spiritual teacher, author and natural born healer. His channeling, clairvoyance, and shamanism constantly help people gain insights and clarity for their life journeys. From a young age he knew he had something to share with the world and was already helping people without being consciously aware of it. At the age of 28 he received a call from spirit that it was time to align his path with his soul’s purpose and he began to do his spiritual work. Since that call he has remained determined to follow his soul’s purpose and continue his spiritual evolution. He follows and devotes his time to deep understanding of spiritual guidance, moving along his own adventurous spiritual life journey, as well as supporting the growth of others.

Israel’s compassionate teachings and insights have deeply touched the hearts of countless souls. Through his work people have experienced healing on many levels of inner peace, awareness and soul evolution. His teachings are based on the philosophy of living from an inner place of unconditional love, as the origin of all creation. He is also aware of the evolution of the mind in order to understand heart consciousness. He teaches that living from that essence, so the souls of this world will connect on that level, we will see a world filled with peace and harmony.

Israel teaches and facilitates classes, workshops, and retreats in healing, soul evolution, and awareness. He also gives lectures on in spirituality and heart consciousness. He is now currently living in the Northern California and Bay area. He also offers one on one sessions with individuals as his schedule allows. He organizes spiritual ceremonies, gatherings, and group healing sessions by conducting drumming circles and shamanic journeys, including crystal bowl and spiritual group healing.

He says, “Every person I meet teaches and helps me to continue growing. Even if sometimes in the moment it does not seem so, I know there is a purpose for everyone.” He uses intuitive wisdom and life experiences to help others believe in themselves and recognize their uniqueness and talents. He believes that everyone is unique and special, “We are all important and have a purpose to fulfill.”

He believes in similarities rather than differences, “We are moving forward as one united consciousness to understand the complexity of this greater universe, by raising our vibrations to the vibration of love as one rather than as separate entities. Everyone has a level of understanding and we know what we are supposed to understand. We live in our own time that is becoming one common shared time, the time of realizing who we truly are.”

Israel’s mission is to help people reconnect with their true selves. “I know that everyone has a purpose. I am here to help you connect to your greater purpose in life.”

My mission:

To be an instrument and vessel of divine spirit to bring insights for self awareness, spiritual healing and touch the hearts of as many souls as I am able to reach, so together we are cultivating a heart consciousness of unconditional love.