General Information About Israel

Israel is a spiritual teacher, author and natural-born healer.  He uses his talents of channel mediumship, clairvoyance, and shamanism to help people gain insight and clarity throughout their life journeys.  From a young age, without knowing it, he was already a spiritual counselor, often helping people without being conscious of it.  At the age of 28, he received a spiritual call, and since then, he has devoted his time to following and deeply understanding spiritual guidance, to advance his sense of spirituality and adventure, and to support others in doing so.

Through Israel’s compassionate teachings and insights, countless people have experienced healing on many levels, along with inner peace, awareness and soul evolution.  The philosophy of his teachings is based on living from an inner place of unconditional love -the origin of all creation.  He is aware of the evolution the mind must make to understand heart consciousness and live from that essence.  When the souls of this world can connect on that level, only then will we see a world filled with peace and harmony.

“Together, as one united world, we are moving closer to understanding the complexity of the greater universe, by raising our vibrations to the vibration of love, as one, rather than creating separation.” 

Israel holds classes, workshops, and retreats for healing, soul evolution, and awareness, and gives lectures on spirituality and heart consciousness.  He also offers one-on-one sessions and performs spiritual ceremonies, gatherings, and group healings with the aid of drum circles, shamanic journeys and crystal bowls.

“My mission is to help people reconnect with their true selves.  I know that everyone has a purpose, and I am here to help you connect to your greater purpose in life.”

Israel uses intuitive wisdom and life experiences to help others believe in themselves and recognize their uniqueness and talents.  He believes in similarities rather than differences, and to him, everyone is unique and special–we are all important and have a purpose to fulfill.

“I aim to be an instrument and vessel of divine spirit that brings insights for self-awareness and spiritual healing.  I want to touch the hearts of as many souls as I am able to reach so that, together, we can all cultivate a heart consciousness of unconditional love.”

How People Describe Israel

Israel is humble, sensitive and compassionate.  He is catalyst that inspires you to identify your true purpose in life.  He is able to see the essence of your soul when you open to it.  He helps to release energy that doesn’t serve you anymore when it causes discomfort and pain, and by clearing this energy, he prepares you for the change of energy and transformation to embrace a deeper journey.

Working with Israel

Israel is here to help people who are ready to do their healing work and connect with their divinity.  He acknowledges he does not do the work for you, but will help you make the connection with your inner spirit and begin your healing.  The divine is inside of you –you do not need to look somewhere else to find it.

While Israel offers various classes and lectures, his work is simple; He is a spiritual mentor for those who are looking to re-connect deeper within.  He currently lives in Northern California.  He offers sessions in person, by phone or Skype.