We are now faced with changes that have brought currents of fear and confusion. One of the changes is the new president of the United States of America. The media and social media do a very good job on directing people’s attention to what they want us to hear and see. This direction of attention has a purpose of provoking a negative reaction mostly, and in some other occasions we will see things that will create a positive reaction.

My intention of writing this message is not to discuss politics, rather to bring awareness to the energies that are surfacing in many people around the world from this current event. So here are a few questions that I think may be important to consider. Why are we following this trend and feeding the energy of one person?  Is it because in our minds we have the program to believe what one big figure says is true? And is it true to ourselves?  I would like to invite you to reflect on the current energy happening, not necessarily in a political way, but as what the current is bringing to surface.  Also, what it is bringing to surface for you on a personal level, as you have interaction with others.

As we all may or may not know, the universe is all energy, and this energy in it’s current matter is composed of dark and light. The universal energy in it’s natural state is neutral. Energy in it’s natural state does not lean to one way or the other, it is just that….just energy!

In our minds we have the capacity to alter the state of the energy matter from a natural state of balance to either something positive or negative.  This alteration of course comes from the way we think or act based on our belief systems.  On the other hand, we also have the capacity to transform and shift energy from our heart consciousness, which is in alignment with the source of creation. From the origin of creation, there is no separation.

The dark and the light are mirrors to each other and one balances the other. In the universal consciousness, these two energies interwind together for an evolution and continued existence of the universe. They both are part of the life force, just as in an electric current, the positive and the negative create light.  Translating all this to our selves, we ourselves are a reflection of the universe. We are composed of negative and positive matter, our mind (logical thinking, the dark, fear) and our soul or heart consciousness (the light, the unconditional love).  What we perceive from what we see from the external world is based in the state of our inner perception, it is what is operating at the moment. We may either operate from a place of fear or love. When we operate from a place of fear, then we are out of balance, out of center and in misalignment to our true selves. We will see things with a negative mental emotional perspective. A negative feeling brings confusion, loss, and a sensation of being ungrounded and maybe a feeling of heaviness in our hearts and souls. We experience emptiness and disconnection from our true spirit. We become vulnerable as if we are making an invitation for others to take control our of minds, basically we become puppets, looking for approval from others. So we are susceptible to experience pain and suffering. Though the good news is that underneath these negative feelings triggered by fear exists a force of support. This force is love, love’s function is to rebalance us back to the place of creation where we are whole. When we allow this energy force to support and to work through us we regain balance and direction in our lives.
When we operate from a place of love we are in balance and we are mirrors with the universal force. We are in the flow and we are in the current of love opening to the doors of oneness as one individuals and as human collectiveness.

Ha ha! This might sound simple and complex. But here is where true work begins, the connecting of both sides of our selves ( the mind and the soul). The mind is the one that thinks who we are and the soul is who we truly are. Our job is to bring them together. When we join these two together, they will work together. This is when we become in alignment and center. So we gain a greater understanding of who we are. This is the journey in our lives to stay authentic to ourselves and stand our ground. As we follow our life’s journey, we became a paradox to our life’s simplicity and complexity. Within this paradox, our free will takes place and that is where we choose the way to follow.
By being authentic to ourselves we are standing our ground and we are driving from the place of love. So for the current times that we are facing as one individual and as human collective, it is important to remember our power of love and to project from the power of love for a greater self and a greater world to be.

Let’s keep our hearts in prayer and meditation to raise the light and bring healing to the earth.


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We have reached the end of 2016, and it seems like this year passed in the blink of an eye. The year 2016 brought us gifts and blessings, from which we served and learned. Through these gifts and blessings we experienced life in our own unique way. Some desired experiences may not have been fulfilled and some may have surpassed our expectations, but now as we enter into a new year, we must move on to honor and welcome the new beginning of 2017.

2016 should become the end of a story in our mind, a story left in the past but one that can be carried in our hearts. No matter if we felt what we experienced last year was supposed happen or were left with empty or unfinished chapters in our lives, the reality is that now we must let go of the energies of 2016, and I would like to invite you to let go of these energies with gratitude. Having gratitude for all the experiences you had whether they were negative or positive is a good way to end the year, evoking this gratitude from a place of unconditional love, trusting that all that happened was supposed to happen in a way that needs to happened. This is because our higher consciousness bring us into alignment so that our true soul purpose can be fulfilled. I invite you to be grateful for all the blessings that you received for yourself, for your family, and for all the awakenings and transformations you progressed through as you now let go and release the energies from 2016.

Let yourself be carried into the new energies of 2017, to the beginning of a new story.

Allow it to arrive with vibrant energy as we look forward. We may now be full of excitement and uncertainty, which makes this journey very interesting. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is what drives our quest forward. Wonder makes us want to write the continuation of our story. For now I want to invite you to envision your story for 2017. What intentions do you have for this year? How do you want to embrace these new energies? Where do you want to be located physically, in new job or career, or in relationships or financially? How do you want to grow personally, spiritually, emotionally? What do you need to be aware of to be more fulfilled? Write the story that you wish your life to be, and let 2017 be what it needs to be in order for you to be ready to venture into the wonder of what lies ahead. Meet this future with your highest and most best attitude so you can live freely and openly.

I have been debating whether to name 2017 the year of the emotions or the year of water. However, I am just realizing that it should be called the year of “awakening of alignment.” It does not really matter what I call it. It can even be called Pedro, Pablo, Maria (or who knows,… maybe Israel). Let’s get to the energy that seems to be coming along with 2017. 2017 is a year in which feminine energy will be awakened, and it is a year of water which does not necessarily mean, that we will be flooded, but could be a year with more rain. It will also be an emotional year, which means that we will be more in touch with our emotional aspects, much more connected to ourselves and others.

The feminine energy being awakened, means that the feminine side will come to the surface from within most of us. Men and women will increase their connections to this part of their energy, although aware that we are all made of both energies. When I refer of this increased awakening the emotional aspects will awaken these aspect of feminine energy.

I would compare this awakening of the feminine aspect with the first time a woman goes into labor. I have never been in labor so I can only report what I have seen. Labor begins with infrequent contractions, but as the birth continues, contractions become more intense and more frequent. The contractions in this case represent the emotional aspect of life. When contractions are happening there are many things happening in the physical body of the woman, and all at same time. The outcome of all these emotions, and hard work, especially the first time, might manifest fear as the mother is anxious to see her new born and so on. When labor is completed the euphoric feeling of motherhood comes in to play, and all the softness, the caring, the awakening of the feminine begins.. Within this feminine awakening the intuition is enhanced and a new journey lies ahead.

A little more needs to be said about the water element energies of this new year to come. As I described before, being in labor can be thought of as the awakening of the feminine energy and contractions can represent the “birthing” of our emotional aspects.The water element for this year can be represented by the amniotic fluid itself. When the baby is ready to come out, the fountain breaks. Also the water signifies the cleansing and purification. Water is a very mystic symbol that represents the manifestation of the holy spirit from biblical stories. Water also represents emotions and life. Water is the flow of life; without water there is no existence. Remember that we are made of over 80% water.

In summary, this year 2017 is the beginning of a new cycle as well. This year’s numerological number is 1 which is symbolic of the beginning of new things. Whatever you envision during this year can potentially grow for the next 9 year cycle. So, this is the year to set your vision, and the year to awaken and realign with all spiritual beings.

For now I am going to leave you there and wish you a year filled with blessings, awakening and love above everything.

“True wisdom is not to know everything, but to apply and put into practice a little bit of what you know”

Israel Hurtado

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In our life path, we may experience life in many different levels. As universal beings, we can experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. As universal beings, we also are a self paradox; so our life can be simple and complex at the same time. Many times we are able to discern the complexity of the experience of being in the simplicity of living. In the simple expression of our higher beings, the complex component of our universal being is manifested.

The experience of life maybe deep or shallow, this experience can play in the level to which we are living life. Our life can be lead in any of the aspects that we are living, if we are experiencing life in a mental level then we are living from that realm. We can experience life in each one of these levels of our being as an individual or we can experience all together as a one whole. Our life experience is the quest of aligning each part of us; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts as one whole universal being, and able to express without the interruption each one to another. Our process is to grow in each one of these aspects by having experiences that will awaken the highest expression of each level of our being. Our spiritual expression is the highest evolved being, it is the force that keeps our light alive in the universe expression/screen. Our spirit being is a fire of flame that stays illuminated in the worst weather condition. It never vanishes or goes off, it is our guide to the awakening for each one of the levels of our being. Our spirit light is the one that makes it through when the wind blows it’s hardest. It never gives up! It stays strong even to the strongest of storms that life brings. It is present within, it is the universal force that leads our soul through the harsh times of this life journey, It is our divine expression.

The view to our life manifestation determines our ability to experience joy. So what is joy? Does it even exist? Well, joy can be defined in many different ways. How I understand joy is the alignment of all our aspects to reach the highest expression of our soul. It is the integration of our mental, physical emotional and spiritual aspects, all working in unison. It is the awakening to our being as one whole, to remember our truly divine expression from our origin of creation. This journey of awaking is a quest to find joy. Joy is just as our spirit of light that is alive, but when we are no longer blind to it we can see it. When we are blind to it, it is because we are lost in the confusion of the mind and emotions. The mind and emotions lack the ability to be fully present and experience joy. The quest to find joy is the the journey of going through the conflicts of the mind of the emotions in order to heal. The healing journey is the voyage that takes one in the quest of joy. The quest of joy is the living our life to the fullest expression without letting one get caught in the conflicts of mental emotions. Sounds easy? It may and it may not be. It can be as we like it to be. The universe will move and do what it needs to do, we also can do what we want to do. And our best shot is to be the best that we can be and do what it is within our awareness to travel in this quest of joy. Every day, every minute, we are in and on a quest. With awareness, or without awareness, we make to our best and go on to the next. The true quest to find joy is to experience the compassion to which one has been created with. The quest of joy is to become unblind to the confusion and clarity of our minds and to see the light of love. When we see the light of love, we can experience the joy and the peace in that we seek.

Each of us is an art creation of divine expression, and at same time we are art creators of our life experiences. We are the living joy of the spirit flow, so we can find joy within. When we are in alignment within our spirit of being, the divine expression. We can fully leave from that experience of spiritual abundance, love and joy. And that is the journey of finding joy, the journey of being the highest expression of our spirit through our soul life journey.

Remember that you are the fire of light that stays strong even during the strongest of storms!

Wishing you blessings and joy for this holidays!

Light and love,

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What a great year so far this has been! It has been a year of learning, healing and transformation, so grateful for that!

Throughout this time I have met many, many beautiful souls. In my last email I mentioned that in my correspondent newsletter I was covering October through November. Well, it did not happen that way. I like to keep a friendly newsletter, with one monthly message at the beginning of the month and a reminder for the journeys of healing conference call.

Today I am feeling the urge to write and send out this message of gratitude, which is why I am calling it inspired by gratitude. This inspiration is being manifested as a persistent feeling that moves continually through my body and flows as words that fly in thoughts speaking strongly and determined. I am not resistant neither acting to this expression of divine. I just continue observing but still not doing anything with it, and the feeling becomes intense and spoken words are louder and clearer. As this energy flows through me I am being taken and wrapped up in it like a dance. It spins and flows as a dancer in the floor dance and when I am being less aware of what is happening I find myself on the dance floor with this energy and this partner that dances with me and eventually is taking over leading me in a journey of time. Within this journey a flow of recalling memories joins in the dance; memories of my soul reminding my soul who it is and what it is, what its’ purpose is. Through this journey of dance memories I remember the time I agreed to work with my soul desire and purpose of this life incarnation.

The journey begins as visual memories in which I see many people I have met through this life time, but beyond that I am being shown their soul essence. I am feeling gratitude for each one of these people as souls that have been and still are a part of my life’s purpose. I am showing how each of these souls has a gift, a purpose for the collective consciousness that we all are creating and expressing in this world. The different levels of interaction that we have with each other, all we offer to each other and how we can serve a purpose for each other even when we are not able to see that from a higher consciousness perspective. This journey brings to my awareness the understanding of the depths and levels of connection we have with each other and how we contribute to the growth of our souls and the growth of human consciousness. Some are deeper than others, and for me this is a great gift and awakening. Because each one of those people and souls are you. Yes you the one that is now reading this and journeying with me to this ecstasy of dance, of traveling to the consciousness of our higher selves and intense consciousness. Also for ones who will read it in future time.

Along this journey my heart is filled with gratitude and love for each one of you that I have met. Some of you I have met from many years ago in this life time, others are more recent from a few days, not long ago; or maybe even farther from the existence in other lifetimes. This beautiful journey is valuable and important because I feel how you are with me in this journey as we all are moving along. This experience fills my heart with an intense love that seems as a constantly filling fountain of gratitude and compassion. It feels as if my heart keeps pouring love from an immense and abundant fountain of love. I feel that this is divine inspiration manifesting its gratitude, love and compassion for you because you are being present and receptive to its love. Divine love manifests in unique ways so that when we are in that synchronicity we are able to be those vessels and transmuters of that love, now this divine love is expressing through and moving through you. When you tune in and allow this energy of compassion move through it will sooth, heal your heart and soul with its love. Then you become the pure expression of this love.

I do personally feel so grateful for each one of you that has been a pillar of support to help me walk my path and journey in this life as spiritual healer, as teacher, as student learning from you, as your spiritual mentor that supports me by attending the ceremonies, the workshops, the retreats, the classes the spiritual gatherings. I am so grateful for all that! I am also grateful for you to being so kind and receptive to continue reading my newsletter and sending me your love when you message me thanking and offering gratitude for writing this, for serving. It is a blessing for me to hear that this monthly message has inspired you and give you the inspiration to move forward. Hearing that it has helped you to bring clarity about what has been an eye-opener, what has brought you a healing and helped you to move forward is what I am so grateful for. This is what keeps me moving forward. Your love and compassion are my fuel to continue doing my soul work and serving for the expansion of world consciousness . Thank you very much for being my inspiration and my support, and thank you for the many more that are still to come.

As my inspiration to you I would like to extend an invitation to you to find something that you are grateful for every day. Yes, as November is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving… please extend this through a daily practice of gratitude through this month and maybe through the rest of the day or even through the rest of the year and the many more days and years to come. When we have gratitude we really appreciate and see the value in the gifts of life, the gifts of the divine universe that are awaiting for us.

Even if the path of our life is going through a rough time, we can turn and see that it also has a gift and if we have gratitude for that, then we will create a sense of relief and expansion opening through a deeper sense of our being that will have a greater way of expressing gratitude and love for all that is.


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This newsletter includes the October and November message: In the last message I talked about the intense flow of energy and the transformation that was going to bring with it. Such a bring out to surface all wounds to be healing, clearing old energy and even healing past life issues.

This strong flow of energy brought us the gift of quick shift in consciousness evolution as well the opportunity to realign the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fields of our beings.

Now we are in the flow of balance and integration so this is an opportunity to integrate and work with the new being that has being awake with in. Some might not be feeling this energy because you can be a late bloomer but this integration is coming on its way.

This is a good time to explore and see what has awake within as part of the integration process.

Also it is important that to remember that what you put out to the universe it is coming back in return. So really explore and work on the integration process of keep balance for now.

By having your independent daily practice meditation, prayer, and even affirmation as a way of keep this balance and healing. Also participate in group meditations or healing circles, these are only some of the things you want to consider. But more than any thing keeping that connections with the divine force that moves constantly.

Light and Love!

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During the end of August and the beginning September we are experiencing an intense energy shift seems to be turbulent. This turbulent energy is a rapid flow that will shake things and make you feel uncomfortably rushed. The “key” is to stay in tune with your inner love and trust yourself that even if things seem to be falling apart you can get it all together. Because in reality what is truly happening is a reconstruction and alignment of things.

It is like remodeling a home. Let things to become reshape by the universal force, it is nothing much you are able to, except to collaborate and let you be move by the force, because this force is really taking care of you. As part of your collaboration is to stay still without reacting mentally to what may appear disturbing and perturbing, so apply the inner wise perspective to see deep with what is truly happening. By looking from a wise inner perspective you will be able to stay focused and in the flow with the universal and energies at your own pace. Underneath this strong flow of energy there are gifts of transformation and a sense of inner peace.


If you are try to race with this vibrational energy is more likely that you will collapse and get tired, just joint with it and enjoy the ride. Keep yourself calm and grounded, stay directed and focused and you will discern what is important for you and in alignment with your highest soul purpose. There are many benefits of this energy turbulence and one of them is the clearing and purification process of what has been stuck and has not longer a purpose in your highest life purpose.

This quickening of energy will last anywhere from the middle to the end of October. The benefit of this faster energy rush is that it may help to shift things for you and create a closer distance between you and what you want to co-create or accomplish that is already in your life path.

In closing, it is important for each of us to find and reach that inner peace within to help all of us to see things clearly and with the eyes of divine truth, where everything ultimately was originated and created. We will then have the inner truth and wisdom necessary to trust the continuing current of the universal flow and serve from its blessings.

Let’s create a world of heart consciousness to rejoice in peace and love!


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Rebirthing Into Your True Light Being

barcelona-spain-apts-circle with sunlight in the centerAugust 5, 2016 ~ For this month message I would like to shortly explain the cosmic energy happening now, and how this is shifting our own unique and personal energy vibration as one self. This energy shift has been strongly present for the last two weeks, and may continue until approximately mid september. This shift maybe experienced as a feeling of dying and rebirthing.

The purpose of this energetic is to clear the old self, which is why the feeling of death, and raise up the energetic human consciousness to have a more direct universal energy flow through earth beings. The energy fields of each soul and as collective souls living earth is being updated vibrational and into alignment with the cosmic energy flow.

In a very short sentence is that we are rebirthing to the our new cosmic being. It is as if the universe is in labor. Just think about a biological birth of a child and mother giving the birth. This is similar what we are experiencing at this time. So labor is work to do and that work is about allowing our selves to be shift as one self and as whole collective human consciousness. We are in labor now and lets keep pushing all together by coming into our heart together and keep calling in the light and the love for our new lives and a new world.

Lets join into the universal healing flow and join with it.

And the great thing about this rebirthing in our new body, is that we are being shifted to be a divine manifester. Go figure…

How to flow with this energy shift?

By having your independent daily practice meditation or prayer, healing yourself in any way that you are aware, participate in group healings. I offer different group activities in which you are invited to participate as journeys of inner peace which is a healing meditation in a conference call. Also I offer live ceremonies as other shamanic healing and drumming circle and crystal bowl healing in different locations, one on one sessions.

Go to my Events tab to see my schedule of events.

Light and Love!
Save the date!
Sunday September 18  is our 3rd  annual event of celebrating international day of peace in Stockton and around the world. This year will be with celebrated with music. I will be offering a healing meditation with the crystal bowls for one self and the world. more details to come!

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The Mind Feeds Off Whatever You Bring To It

fireworks-brilliant-patternJuly 10, 2016 ~  Every thought that we have creates, feeds and cultivates our mind. Thoughts are food for our mind as wells awareness for our soul. This is a very simple concept to understand, but our real work takes place with the complexity in the application and functionality of this concept. As our lives expand we experience a variety of events which play on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our being. All experience unfolds as a gift and according to its will. The nature of these experiences might not seem positive from all mental, physical and emotional perspectives, but from the soul’s spiritual perspective, this understanding is on a deeper level that is keyed to the awareness and evolution of the soul.

I am assuming those reading this know that we are co-creators of our lives, so we understand that more aware and positive thoughts keep our minds healthier. By this I don’t mean that we should banish or criticize negative thoughts, but rather, explore and study the purpose of those thoughts, looking for the truth behind them.

Beneath those negative thoughts lie deeper thoughts concerned with the origin of our soul’s creation. Remember that the intention of creation comes from a position of unconditional love. It is our ego’s mind that activates and transforms these thoughts into negatives or positives.

The mind will rant and rebel whenever its ego is out of balance. Subsequent thoughts may flow and feed many different forms and shapes which then create our mental reality. Realities exist as we believe them to be. The mind is a very powerful tool for co-creation, so remember what you want to co-create!

Just a quick note, the energy in the mind can be carried on for many generations, even from past lives, so each one of us has a kind of duty to gain awareness for our soul’s evolution. The work we do depends on it. We should remember that the essence of our soul is more powerful than the mind. So which do you want to co-create from?

In the universal force, positive thoughts and negative toughest interwind and co-create together, always looking to each other to keep balanced. If we observe and deal with our thoughts, rather than fight them, we then model the universal flow within the duality of energy so we can observe balance and alignment in our thoughts and as well our life.

The mind has positive aspects and great things to offer. Bringing it into alignment by feeding it with thoughts that arise from our soul will often ease unrest and pain in our minds.

Feed your mind with awareness in order to co-create even greater awareness.

Light and love!

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I Choose My Design

blue gemstone pendant surrounded by copper wirewrapMay 2, 2016 ~ For the last few months I have played with wire, wrapping it around stones and crystals. During this time I have wired a few different pieces. During the process of making the last piece I realized that each crystal seems to choose its own design, but the feeling that arose when I finished the last piece was something much deeper. I meticulously stared and looked at the completed piece in a way far beyond physical appreciation, giving me a sense that I had a close and intimate relationship with the essence of this final piece. This connection was so deep that I suddenly felt I was having a conversation with it. Within this experience I could see a new awareness born. This piece was communicating with me.

Just as in the natural world, creation happens spontaneously by allowing universal force to intervene. In nature we see trees, plants, grasses, flowers and many life forms arise from seed and soil. In animal and human creation, sperm fecundate the ovules creating new lives, which is the way biological life is created. All creation arises from this will of the universal flow. In every aspect of life, every molecule of matter exists because the universal force gives life to it. Life force creates life and transforms what we know as living things from one state of being to another. Without the will of life force, neither this flow of change or any actual life would continue to exist.

It is such an interesting aspect that in this simple creation of a crystal wrapped by a copper wire, the essence of life force is being demonstrated in a very simple form. The crystal and wire seem to be working together to design the form of itself. What adds meaning and captures my awareness is how the crystal decides the way it needs to be wrapped, while the wire follows and bends in the direction that it is asked. The crystal chose its own design and even its gender, in this case a feminine aspect of being. Furthermore, this new creation has the ability to express itself. After having the experience and wonder of a “conversation” with this last completed gem, I am now convinced that we are the designers of our own lives.

As we live and experience life, we have bends and turns in our path. Just as the wire on the crystal, wraps, bends, follows, or sometimes even resists so hard that the resistance could break the wire, we experience wraps, bends, flows, resistance and breaks in our life path. The experiences of this bending and redirecting helps us to correct our life’s path. This process of co-design guides us back into alignment with our soul’s purpose and we gain wisdom and embrace our life journey with a deeper understanding of our purpose. Once we are tuned into the deeper understanding of our soul’s purpose, our path unfolds in an intelligent way that keep us in balance with the universal flow. Living in harmony with universal flow we live in a greater awareness and universal consciousness.

As we walk and embrace our life’s path we happily become its designer. The wires flow and shape on the body of the crystal by following its energy. In the same way, if we flow and follow the energy of our soul, our life path will flow where there is wisdom to each direction our life path takes. By tuning into the energy of our soul, we are able to discover the imprinting of our soul’s design. This imprinting will guide us to follow our path’s direction along the ways we need. Upon becoming aware of the simplicity of this crystal consciousness and its resulting ability to guide the wire to design itself we must ask, “What will we be able to design in our lives when we begin working with the greater consciousness living within us?”

The crystal represents our physical body, while the energy carried within the crystal itself, represents the very voice of our soul. The wires on the crystal are the possible paths throughout our life. There are many paths we walk in life, bending and looping as if we are wire winding around our inner crystal so as to create our soul seeking out it’s proper balance.

Light and love!

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To see deep within to see farther out

jellyfish going within
Everything unfolds from the grace and heart of the universal force. Things are perfect the way they are, but the stories our mind creates alter the perception of what is true. The truth is beyond the perception of a mind that lives sometimes from “harmful” experiences which increase the energy of mental fears. If we let mental fear raise, following and giving life to the mind stories we create a “truth” that is more likely an untrue story and thus a negative “life illusion.” To experience true understanding of life it is important to part away from negative mind stories to which our mind is addicted. This halts the mental fear from previous negative experiences.

Everything unfolds from the grace and heart of the universal force. Things are perfect the way they are, but the stories our mind creates alter the perception of what is true. The truth is beyond the perception of a mind that lives sometimes from “harmful” experiences which increase the energy of mental fears. If we let mental fear raise, following and giving life to the mind stories we create a “truth” that is more likely an untrue story and thus a negative “life illusion.” To experience true understanding of life it is important to part away from negative mind stories to which our mind is addicted. This halts the mental fear from previous negative experiences.

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