A Move Towards Kindness

kitten paw touching human handMarch 30, 2016  ~ As I am sitting getting ready to write April’s message, I have no idea what to write, so I ask spirit energy what should I share? A recurrent thought about the practice of kindness comes flowing through my head. After that more words come through, “To all who exist and prevail, kindness should flow; to all flow, love radiates to bring the peace in all there is. Within you all this exists. Look within to see farther than what your human eye can see. Remember you are love, and that love can transform and change all that exists. The practice of kindness is fuel to keep love alive in this world. There are many living hearts who experience pain and cannot find love, but you who have awareness of love can practice kindness to help heal those hearts of pain. They can see what your loving eyes see. The transformation that you see around you is the transformation within yourself. You are a reflection of the world and the world mirrors back your reflection.”

Letting spirit energy flow brings me to realize that many things happening around the world are the reflections of pain or love. We constantly experience attacks where the lives of many are taken away. Those lives taken away are souls whose purpose is to show awareness for those who stay alive, and that awareness is to experience kindness, to experience a transformation of a world into a more peaceful and harmonious world fulfilled with love. Remember that our inner world is a reflection of the external world we experience. Practice kindness within and without so we can see the kindness and love around. We just recently celebrated and remembered a biblical time of Christ’s resurrection, bringing new life. We can have that new life now, a life of living in a world of heart consciousness.

Light and love!

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Trusting, Allowing and Greeting!


Calling the Spirits of The Water (Jun 2015 Mt. Shasta)

Feb 4, 2016 ~ The message I shared with you last month was about resisting the urge to strive and the benefits of letting go.

In beginning of the process of letting go we may face some hesitation, but you overcome this through embracing your heart consciousness. Trusting, yourself and the universe, allowing what will happen to come and then greeting what does happen with acceptance. Once you let go, the next step is to trust and understand that your request has been given to the great spirit/universe/God.

How do you trust? Trust with your heart consciousness which is the knowing and understanding of the universal life force. Trust comes with detachment from how our request is going to manifest. This trusting is the action of allowing the universal flow, to unfold as it is. After letting go, our only business is to trust and allow and greet whatever happens. It sounds pretty easy! Right?

Our mind doesn’t really understand or agree with the heart consciousness philosophy. WHAT? Our mind will resist and argue to avoid any changes. It will wonder and question anything that might look out of the ordinary, or out of its comfort limitations. It will question and want to know and justify things, but that justification easily becomes a judgment. When we do not allow trust of the heart, the doors to universal flow are not easy to find. Even if the universal flow wants to work with us this resistance wrestles against our efforts. While wrestling, we are not really sure if we will ever be united with the life force. Within this place of not allowing, distraction, conflict and loss of faith often happens. We let the mind be in charge, allowing our poor consciousness to move us away from our request.

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Breaking Away From Striving

antler and red clothJan 5, 2016 ~ It is 2016 and a new year is born and an old year has moved on. It seems to have happened in the blink of an eye. Within the year’s time frame, a short page of our soul’s life time has been reviewed. My personal life story passed through many blessings, joys, pains, ups and downs, flats, bumps and smooth terrain as I worked at keeping my heart open even during times I felt I was lost. It was a year of great transformation for me.

The closing of 2015 came as a gift from the great spirit. How could I have asked for more? I felt as if everything was in its proper place and carefully balanced. All happened as if in a dream, making me wonder if I was awake or asleep. It was a majestic closure and opening for the next part of my story. Some of you must be wondering what made it all so special or magical?

I recently was blessed to visit the sacred Mt Shasta with special friends and one very ancient friend, the Crystal skull “Compassion.” At first, this might not seem magical but for my soul’s understanding, this was a very magical and deeply spiritual time for me. This experience was not organized by me, instead it was all orchestrated for me. I had no expectations, ideas or plans of how to release the old year. I received this new year gift with a sense of letting go, an awareness of not needing to strive.  Something just clicked within me.

For the last 3 months of 2015, I had been asking “Who am I? What is the right direction on my path?” and many other questions about where I was supposed to be compared to where I felt I was. Trying too hard, I realize now that I was looking to be something that I am not. Sometimes when we lose our self-identity instead of finding the deep truth within, we create a stereotype or incorrect ideal of ourselves. Rather than bringing us closer to our truth, this striving takes us far away from our inner truth, our higher selves. Through simply letting go and not trying to figure it out all on my own, I was able to realize that I am a part of the great universal source. I became at peace with myself and one with the whole universe. I recognized that I am part of the greater consciousness. I am connected with the whole consciousness; I am in everything and everywhere as well as in one place.

Often in life, we may get caught up in a self-identification experience attempting to label where we belong, so that we move away from the essence of just being that keeps us in communion with the source of being universal, being human, and being spirit. To be light, to be love and loved needs to be continually awakened through the inner work of allowing it to happen, rather than forcing it to happen.


In numerology this year is 9, meaning it is the end of a cycle. In my understanding this means this is the end; a time to become who we are from the place our essence has been liberated, the origin of our creation. Finding our way back to the essence of who we truly are and continually awakening ourselves, we begin to look within rather than be overly influenced by that which is outside of us.

Experience the mysticism of life every moment!

Many blessings for a transformational year.

Light and love!

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Inner Journey of Joy

Wish you all wonderful holidays filled with joy and love.

A message that I would like to share with you today is to find that peace and love within – it is what is going to be reflected and seen outside of us. This is not a new concept but it is a good reminder to live within so we can appreciate what is surrounding us.

I hope all of you have an excellent remaining 2015 and accomplish what is left to be completed. I personally have had a great year of deep inner transformation and realized that when we see within, we can live and appreciate what is given to us.

So as a gift, I want to offer to you from the divine, a shamanic meditative journey for inner peace and joy. You can benefit from this and can also share this video as a gift to your friends.

Wishing you light and love during this holiday season!

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