Spiritual Gatherings

Sacred Drumming Circle/Shamanic Healing Journey
The drumming circle is a co-creation of sacred space utilizing the energies of shamanism, angelic realms and universal divine forces. We all come together as a community playing to the heartbeat of our consciousness and that heart beat connects us to each one individually and as a group to the heartbeat of the earth, all elements and universal flow. As we gather together in this sacred drumming circle, we co-create with the universe a space of sacredness where we are able to experience healings, receive insights and at the same time grow and evolve personally and spiritually. We are able to set our souls free from any restrictions of the mind. It brings a sense of inner peace, joy and happiness. Each participant as they are able to open themselves in their own level of awareness are able to be in touch with their own divine higher self as well as to connect with the divine universal force. This allows healing to be manifested in the aspect of physical, emotional, and also serves a purpose to break through karmic links of energy that prevent one from seeing ourselves with the eyes of a true being from the origin of divine creation. It opens our energy to connect with our universal life force and be the channels of the universal life force which is the expression of the divine creation. The flow of the universal force creates openness for the manifestation of abundance and prosperity. We are able to project this consciousness of love co-created during the drumming circle out to the world to raise the vibrations for a harmonious peaceful, joyful and loving planet. No experience needed. Requires no musical training, just an open heart and a willingness to connect with your soul expression. The purpose is to have fun and be free of self judgements as you create the music with the drum by merging your own vibrations to the drum and the vibrations of the universe.

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
In the vibrations of the universe there is a sound vibrating, through this sound the universe is gifting us the soothing and the caring of it’s love. Being love, the highest vibration in the universe where miracles happen, it is like a being in alignment and flow with the consciousness of creation. In the vibrations of love there are no restrictions. It is only openness. It is a sense of unconditional and it is a key to manifest and embody the universal gifts through this physical expression of our spiritual beings. Sound has been used in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing and creating inner peace. Whether through the use of mantras as with the Hindis, the Icaros (medicine melodies) of various Indigenous peoples from Central and South America, the shaman’s trance drum or Pythagoras’ use of interval and frequency, these various techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

Crystal bowl sounds allow us to raise the molecules of the vibration to reach higher frequency vibrations that will resonate with the persons energy frequency, creating a resonance that will activate the natural self-healings molecules that are within the DNA of each person stimulating a faster ability to heal and to create flow. Where there is resistance of energy circulation as the vibrations generated by the crystal bowl sound each one of the people under this will come into that higher frequency vibration realigning the physical body to to receive these vibrations in a cellular level promoting clearing of deep rooted stuck energy into constant flow, it also will stimulate the extra sensory perception of the person as intuition or ability to perceive what is not physically manifested yet. Each one of the crystal singing bowls may act as a universal or as a specific vibration. They will align to the resonance and vibration of the person to harmonize at a balance sound vibration that moves within the physical, emotional body of the person. It also brings calming to the mental aspects of the person by bringing relaxation and focus to the sound that will take the person into a journey of healing. As they go to the sound journey they become aware of self realizations, insights and more deep and intimate connection with their own higher self. Through the sound vibration everything has come into creation and one is able to co-create more blessings and harmonious aspects of their life.

Conscious Dance Movement
Conscious Dance Movement is an uplifting event for your soul and body to the expression of body movement with live music performance by House of Willow: Ata Toth-Fejel, Tony Kiser, David Perry Molina, and Trevor Sellman. Reach high states of consciousness and esctasy by expressing natural and authentic movement with your body by connecting your natural physical emotional vibrations with the waves of the music. Be one with the universal force. Receive healing and mental clarity in releasing and awaking the dormant parts of your body. Get in touch with your own self as you allow the music to bring the healing and the openess to resonate with the universal sound vibrations.




Spiritual Intuition Development

Red String Protection

Prayer/Affirmations and Shamanistic Tools