I Choose My Design

blue gemstone pendant surrounded by copper wirewrapMay 2, 2016 ~ For the last few months I have played with wire, wrapping it around stones and crystals. During this time I have wired a few different pieces. During the process of making the last piece I realized that each crystal seems to choose its own design, but the feeling that arose when I finished the last piece was something much deeper. I meticulously stared and looked at the completed piece in a way far beyond physical appreciation, giving me a sense that I had a close and intimate relationship with the essence of this final piece. This connection was so deep that I suddenly felt I was having a conversation with it. Within this experience I could see a new awareness born. This piece was communicating with me.

Just as in the natural world, creation happens spontaneously by allowing universal force to intervene. In nature we see trees, plants, grasses, flowers and many life forms arise from seed and soil. In animal and human creation, sperm fecundate the ovules creating new lives, which is the way biological life is created. All creation arises from this will of the universal flow. In every aspect of life, every molecule of matter exists because the universal force gives life to it. Life force creates life and transforms what we know as living things from one state of being to another. Without the will of life force, neither this flow of change or any actual life would continue to exist.

It is such an interesting aspect that in this simple creation of a crystal wrapped by a copper wire, the essence of life force is being demonstrated in a very simple form. The crystal and wire seem to be working together to design the form of itself. What adds meaning and captures my awareness is how the crystal decides the way it needs to be wrapped, while the wire follows and bends in the direction that it is asked. The crystal chose its own design and even its gender, in this case a feminine aspect of being. Furthermore, this new creation has the ability to express itself. After having the experience and wonder of a “conversation” with this last completed gem, I am now convinced that we are the designers of our own lives.

As we live and experience life, we have bends and turns in our path. Just as the wire on the crystal, wraps, bends, follows, or sometimes even resists so hard that the resistance could break the wire, we experience wraps, bends, flows, resistance and breaks in our life path. The experiences of this bending and redirecting helps us to correct our life’s path. This process of co-design guides us back into alignment with our soul’s purpose and we gain wisdom and embrace our life journey with a deeper understanding of our purpose. Once we are tuned into the deeper understanding of our soul’s purpose, our path unfolds in an intelligent way that keep us in balance with the universal flow. Living in harmony with universal flow we live in a greater awareness and universal consciousness.

As we walk and embrace our life’s path we happily become its designer. The wires flow and shape on the body of the crystal by following its energy. In the same way, if we flow and follow the energy of our soul, our life path will flow where there is wisdom to each direction our life path takes. By tuning into the energy of our soul, we are able to discover the imprinting of our soul’s design. This imprinting will guide us to follow our path’s direction along the ways we need. Upon becoming aware of the simplicity of this crystal consciousness and its resulting ability to guide the wire to design itself we must ask, “What will we be able to design in our lives when we begin working with the greater consciousness living within us?”

The crystal represents our physical body, while the energy carried within the crystal itself, represents the very voice of our soul. The wires on the crystal are the possible paths throughout our life. There are many paths we walk in life, bending and looping as if we are wire winding around our inner crystal so as to create our soul seeking out it’s proper balance.

Light and love!

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