Spiritual Guidance

Private Sessions

Get personalized insights and mentoring for your specific needs.

By connecting with your energy, the messages received and the insights revealed address specific issues concerning you at that time. This can provide you with access to the inner strength and wisdom necessary to make impactful life changes.

While you and Israel can do a variety of things during a private session, spiritual channeling is a popular and powerful choice.

Spiritual Channeling Session
• Are you ready to transform your life?
• Are you willing to take the effort to actively engage in making the transformation happen?
• Are you open and willing to hear messages from the spirit? (These can be different from what you may expect to hear.)

To bring his sessions to the level of the soul, Israel works with kindness, love and compassion. During these sessions, Israel uses the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairscient, and shamanism. He works as a vessel and medium to facilitate divine and healing spirit energy for the person involved in the session. He is an amplifier, connecting the person and the spirit energy and making that individual receptive to the spirit energy.

The energy can manifest as multidimensional healing energy dealing with the emotional and mental, the spiritual and physical. Transformation and awareness depends on the receptiveness of the individual receiving. This energy can be experienced as insightful messages that activate the consciousness, bringing the person on the direct path to unfolding their true purpose and tapping into a higher self.

Because everyone is different, and has done work on different levels, the unique experience and effect of a channeling session reflects that. The active engagement of the person will bring about a greater result.

Israel’s purpose is to offer spiritual support and help you along your path, but he can’t walk the path for you. Israel, who has his own spiritual quest, walks the path with you, but not for you! You are the one who can take the steps necessary for your spiritual quest to unfold. You are the cultivator of the information provided. You are the one in charge of your own destiny and the only one that can determine the greatness of your life. It does not matter if you are in a tough spot: you can shift poor realities into great realities by being in tune with the divine spirit.

The information that comes through is meant to touch the heart in a spiritual understanding, which means it will not necessarily make immediate sense on a conscious level. Instead, it moves things through many layers, on a deep level.]

To avoid codependency, sessions are limited to one per month, or for longer sessions, preferably to once every three months. Spiritual healing sessions are an exception: depending on the situation, they can be done as often as two times a week. For example, sessions for a person going through the journey of cancer are required more often. For sessions like the one in the example, only a love donation is asked for, not a fixed fee.

The work does not end after the session. The end is only the continuation and initiation of your spiritual quest—there will be more to do. The work that Israel does is like food for your body. Your body requires food to maintain its strength and energy. Similarly, your soul requires the spiritual energy to stay on and continue unfolding your spiritual quest and life path.

What areas do people seek help for?
People have received help in finding clarity in their life quests as it relates to personal and spiritual growth, medical intuitive, career, business, relationships, house and business blessings and energy clearings.

After a session with Israel, people report that they feel unstuck and that their lives are in motion.

Preparing for a session
It is recommended you take at least a week to prepare before your session by meditating two times a day. The meditation should intend to help you experience the energy from the upcoming session. Setting the intention you have for the session is a big engagement, but it is important to let the spirit know that you are ready to take on your life in a greater and spiritual walk. For example, if you feel that your life is in a tangle, your intention will be to ask the spirit to direct you to the thread that will untangle your path. Or, if you’re unsure which pathway to take, you will set the intention of finding clarity, and so on.

The receiver is responsible for interpreting the information that comes through to the best of their highest understanding. Israel does not take any responsibility for the interpretation or for how the receiver acts on the information given. Additionally, these insights do not aim to replace traditional therapy or medical information from your physician. Its purpose is to help move you toward an understanding of your soul.

To have a session with Israel, please contact him to set an appointment. Sessions are 60­-90 minutes long and are available through Skype, telephone and in person.

Group Sessions

Immerse yourself with a group and upgrade your spiritual practice. A great opportunity to connect with higher wisdom, group sessions include a combination of crystal bowl healings, drum circles, shamanic journeys, meditation, channelings, and more. The experience brings each participant unique spiritual awakenings and messages. Leveraging the safety and warmth of a community of seekers and healers, these sessions are a great way to support and advance your inner spiritual journey.

Some of these programs have sessions spread across a few months.  These require a greater commitment of time and money.  The programs are announced in advance or can be specially arranged for a group.

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Rejuvenate yourself with nature, and experience higher states of consciousness.

Immerse deeply into your inner self and allow deep, unexpected spiritual experiences.  Let your heart consciousness open amidst great natural beauty with a flowy mix of workshops, nature trips, group hearings, and meditative shamanic journeys.  Truly one-of-a-kind, theses few days of immersion in a magical setting are spiritually uplifting and profound.

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