What a great year so far this has been! It has been a year of learning, healing and transformation, so grateful for that!

Throughout this time I have met many, many beautiful souls. In my last email I mentioned that in my correspondent newsletter I was covering October through November. Well, it did not happen that way. I like to keep a friendly newsletter, with one monthly message at the beginning of the month and a reminder for the journeys of healing conference call.

Today I am feeling the urge to write and send out this message of gratitude, which is why I am calling it inspired by gratitude. This inspiration is being manifested as a persistent feeling that moves continually through my body and flows as words that fly in thoughts speaking strongly and determined. I am not resistant neither acting to this expression of divine. I just continue observing but still not doing anything with it, and the feeling becomes intense and spoken words are louder and clearer. As this energy flows through me I am being taken and wrapped up in it like a dance. It spins and flows as a dancer in the floor dance and when I am being less aware of what is happening I find myself on the dance floor with this energy and this partner that dances with me and eventually is taking over leading me in a journey of time. Within this journey a flow of recalling memories joins in the dance; memories of my soul reminding my soul who it is and what it is, what its’ purpose is. Through this journey of dance memories I remember the time I agreed to work with my soul desire and purpose of this life incarnation.

The journey begins as visual memories in which I see many people I have met through this life time, but beyond that I am being shown their soul essence. I am feeling gratitude for each one of these people as souls that have been and still are a part of my life’s purpose. I am showing how each of these souls has a gift, a purpose for the collective consciousness that we all are creating and expressing in this world. The different levels of interaction that we have with each other, all we offer to each other and how we can serve a purpose for each other even when we are not able to see that from a higher consciousness perspective. This journey brings to my awareness the understanding of the depths and levels of connection we have with each other and how we contribute to the growth of our souls and the growth of human consciousness. Some are deeper than others, and for me this is a great gift and awakening. Because each one of those people and souls are you. Yes you the one that is now reading this and journeying with me to this ecstasy of dance, of traveling to the consciousness of our higher selves and intense consciousness. Also for ones who will read it in future time.

Along this journey my heart is filled with gratitude and love for each one of you that I have met. Some of you I have met from many years ago in this life time, others are more recent from a few days, not long ago; or maybe even farther from the existence in other lifetimes. This beautiful journey is valuable and important because I feel how you are with me in this journey as we all are moving along. This experience fills my heart with an intense love that seems as a constantly filling fountain of gratitude and compassion. It feels as if my heart keeps pouring love from an immense and abundant fountain of love. I feel that this is divine inspiration manifesting its gratitude, love and compassion for you because you are being present and receptive to its love. Divine love manifests in unique ways so that when we are in that synchronicity we are able to be those vessels and transmuters of that love, now this divine love is expressing through and moving through you. When you tune in and allow this energy of compassion move through it will sooth, heal your heart and soul with its love. Then you become the pure expression of this love.

I do personally feel so grateful for each one of you that has been a pillar of support to help me walk my path and journey in this life as spiritual healer, as teacher, as student learning from you, as your spiritual mentor that supports me by attending the ceremonies, the workshops, the retreats, the classes the spiritual gatherings. I am so grateful for all that! I am also grateful for you to being so kind and receptive to continue reading my newsletter and sending me your love when you message me thanking and offering gratitude for writing this, for serving. It is a blessing for me to hear that this monthly message has inspired you and give you the inspiration to move forward. Hearing that it has helped you to bring clarity about what has been an eye-opener, what has brought you a healing and helped you to move forward is what I am so grateful for. This is what keeps me moving forward. Your love and compassion are my fuel to continue doing my soul work and serving for the expansion of world consciousness . Thank you very much for being my inspiration and my support, and thank you for the many more that are still to come.

As my inspiration to you I would like to extend an invitation to you to find something that you are grateful for every day. Yes, as November is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving… please extend this through a daily practice of gratitude through this month and maybe through the rest of the day or even through the rest of the year and the many more days and years to come. When we have gratitude we really appreciate and see the value in the gifts of life, the gifts of the divine universe that are awaiting for us.

Even if the path of our life is going through a rough time, we can turn and see that it also has a gift and if we have gratitude for that, then we will create a sense of relief and expansion opening through a deeper sense of our being that will have a greater way of expressing gratitude and love for all that is.


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