The Mind Feeds Off Whatever You Bring To It

fireworks-brilliant-patternJuly 10, 2016 ~  Every thought that we have creates, feeds and cultivates our mind. Thoughts are food for our mind as wells awareness for our soul. This is a very simple concept to understand, but our real work takes place with the complexity in the application and functionality of this concept. As our lives expand we experience a variety of events which play on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our being. All experience unfolds as a gift and according to its will. The nature of these experiences might not seem positive from all mental, physical and emotional perspectives, but from the soul’s spiritual perspective, this understanding is on a deeper level that is keyed to the awareness and evolution of the soul.

I am assuming those reading this know that we are co-creators of our lives, so we understand that more aware and positive thoughts keep our minds healthier. By this I don’t mean that we should banish or criticize negative thoughts, but rather, explore and study the purpose of those thoughts, looking for the truth behind them.

Beneath those negative thoughts lie deeper thoughts concerned with the origin of our soul’s creation. Remember that the intention of creation comes from a position of unconditional love. It is our ego’s mind that activates and transforms these thoughts into negatives or positives.

The mind will rant and rebel whenever its ego is out of balance. Subsequent thoughts may flow and feed many different forms and shapes which then create our mental reality. Realities exist as we believe them to be. The mind is a very powerful tool for co-creation, so remember what you want to co-create!

Just a quick note, the energy in the mind can be carried on for many generations, even from past lives, so each one of us has a kind of duty to gain awareness for our soul’s evolution. The work we do depends on it. We should remember that the essence of our soul is more powerful than the mind. So which do you want to co-create from?

In the universal force, positive thoughts and negative toughest interwind and co-create together, always looking to each other to keep balanced. If we observe and deal with our thoughts, rather than fight them, we then model the universal flow within the duality of energy so we can observe balance and alignment in our thoughts and as well our life.

The mind has positive aspects and great things to offer. Bringing it into alignment by feeding it with thoughts that arise from our soul will often ease unrest and pain in our minds.

Feed your mind with awareness in order to co-create even greater awareness.

Light and love!

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