A Move Towards Kindness

kitten paw touching human handMarch 30, 2016  ~ As I am sitting getting ready to write April’s message, I have no idea what to write, so I ask spirit energy what should I share? A recurrent thought about the practice of kindness comes flowing through my head. After that more words come through, “To all who exist and prevail, kindness should flow; to all flow, love radiates to bring the peace in all there is. Within you all this exists. Look within to see farther than what your human eye can see. Remember you are love, and that love can transform and change all that exists. The practice of kindness is fuel to keep love alive in this world. There are many living hearts who experience pain and cannot find love, but you who have awareness of love can practice kindness to help heal those hearts of pain. They can see what your loving eyes see. The transformation that you see around you is the transformation within yourself. You are a reflection of the world and the world mirrors back your reflection.”

Letting spirit energy flow brings me to realize that many things happening around the world are the reflections of pain or love. We constantly experience attacks where the lives of many are taken away. Those lives taken away are souls whose purpose is to show awareness for those who stay alive, and that awareness is to experience kindness, to experience a transformation of a world into a more peaceful and harmonious world fulfilled with love. Remember that our inner world is a reflection of the external world we experience. Practice kindness within and without so we can see the kindness and love around. We just recently celebrated and remembered a biblical time of Christ’s resurrection, bringing new life. We can have that new life now, a life of living in a world of heart consciousness.

Light and love!

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