Guided Meditation


Join me for a guided meditation to heal your abundance and prosperity in your life.  This will be the first Friday of every month at 3:15pm pacific time.

How to join:
Call: 641.715.3580
Access Code: 524864 #

We are entering a time of heart consciousness where our human mind won’t be directing the way we live and interact with each other. We will open our hearts as humanity and live from our heart intelligence instead of a world of mind-based self. In this living from a heart consciousness, we will support each other.

For a few months now, messages directing me to start heart consciousness meditations have been pushing me and leading me to find a way to encourage these journeys of inner peace.

Now I am asking you to support this journey that is not a self-journey but rather a journey of many coming together.

Location: This is a group conference call from the comfort of your home.

How to join the Inner Peace Meditation Group Conference Call
Call: 641.715.3580
Access Code: 524864 #

Dates: 2nd and 4th Monday of the month
Time: 7:30 PM PST
2016: Sep 12, Sep 26, Oct 10, Oct 24, Nov 14, Nov 28, Dec 12, Dec 26
Cost: Just your unconditional love for a better you, and a better world filled with peace, harmony and love.

Please forward to others who could be interested. Thanks!

Light and love,