In our life path, we may experience life in many different levels. As universal beings, we can experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. As universal beings, we also are a self paradox; so our life can be simple and complex at the same time. Many times we are able to discern the complexity of the experience of being in the simplicity of living. In the simple expression of our higher beings, the complex component of our universal being is manifested.

The experience of life maybe deep or shallow, this experience can play in the level to which we are living life. Our life can be lead in any of the aspects that we are living, if we are experiencing life in a mental level then we are living from that realm. We can experience life in each one of these levels of our being as an individual or we can experience all together as a one whole. Our life experience is the quest of aligning each part of us; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts as one whole universal being, and able to express without the interruption each one to another. Our process is to grow in each one of these aspects by having experiences that will awaken the highest expression of each level of our being. Our spiritual expression is the highest evolved being, it is the force that keeps our light alive in the universe expression/screen. Our spirit being is a fire of flame that stays illuminated in the worst weather condition. It never vanishes or goes off, it is our guide to the awakening for each one of the levels of our being. Our spirit light is the one that makes it through when the wind blows it’s hardest. It never gives up! It stays strong even to the strongest of storms that life brings. It is present within, it is the universal force that leads our soul through the harsh times of this life journey, It is our divine expression.

The view to our life manifestation determines our ability to experience joy. So what is joy? Does it even exist? Well, joy can be defined in many different ways. How I understand joy is the alignment of all our aspects to reach the highest expression of our soul. It is the integration of our mental, physical emotional and spiritual aspects, all working in unison. It is the awakening to our being as one whole, to remember our truly divine expression from our origin of creation. This journey of awaking is a quest to find joy. Joy is just as our spirit of light that is alive, but when we are no longer blind to it we can see it. When we are blind to it, it is because we are lost in the confusion of the mind and emotions. The mind and emotions lack the ability to be fully present and experience joy. The quest to find joy is the the journey of going through the conflicts of the mind of the emotions in order to heal. The healing journey is the voyage that takes one in the quest of joy. The quest of joy is the living our life to the fullest expression without letting one get caught in the conflicts of mental emotions. Sounds easy? It may and it may not be. It can be as we like it to be. The universe will move and do what it needs to do, we also can do what we want to do. And our best shot is to be the best that we can be and do what it is within our awareness to travel in this quest of joy. Every day, every minute, we are in and on a quest. With awareness, or without awareness, we make to our best and go on to the next. The true quest to find joy is to experience the compassion to which one has been created with. The quest of joy is to become unblind to the confusion and clarity of our minds and to see the light of love. When we see the light of love, we can experience the joy and the peace in that we seek.

Each of us is an art creation of divine expression, and at same time we are art creators of our life experiences. We are the living joy of the spirit flow, so we can find joy within. When we are in alignment within our spirit of being, the divine expression. We can fully leave from that experience of spiritual abundance, love and joy. And that is the journey of finding joy, the journey of being the highest expression of our spirit through our soul life journey.

Remember that you are the fire of light that stays strong even during the strongest of storms!

Wishing you blessings and joy for this holidays!

Light and love,

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