Rebirthing Into Your True Light Being

barcelona-spain-apts-circle with sunlight in the centerAugust 5, 2016 ~ For this month message I would like to shortly explain the cosmic energy happening now, and how this is shifting our own unique and personal energy vibration as one self. This energy shift has been strongly present for the last two weeks, and may continue until approximately mid september. This shift maybe experienced as a feeling of dying and rebirthing.

The purpose of this energetic is to clear the old self, which is why the feeling of death, and raise up the energetic human consciousness to have a more direct universal energy flow through earth beings. The energy fields of each soul and as collective souls living earth is being updated vibrational and into alignment with the cosmic energy flow.

In a very short sentence is that we are rebirthing to the our new cosmic being. It is as if the universe is in labor. Just think about a biological birth of a child and mother giving the birth. This is similar what we are experiencing at this time. So labor is work to do and that work is about allowing our selves to be shift as one self and as whole collective human consciousness. We are in labor now and lets keep pushing all together by coming into our heart together and keep calling in the light and the love for our new lives and a new world.

Lets join into the universal healing flow and join with it.

And the great thing about this rebirthing in our new body, is that we are being shifted to be a divine manifester. Go figure…

How to flow with this energy shift?

By having your independent daily practice meditation or prayer, healing yourself in any way that you are aware, participate in group healings. I offer different group activities in which you are invited to participate as journeys of inner peace which is a healing meditation in a conference call. Also I offer live ceremonies as other shamanic healing and drumming circle and crystal bowl healing in different locations, one on one sessions.

Go to my Events tab to see my schedule of events.

Light and Love!
Save the date!
Sunday September 18  is our 3rd  annual event of celebrating international day of peace in Stockton and around the world. This year will be with celebrated with music. I will be offering a healing meditation with the crystal bowls for one self and the world. more details to come!

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