During the end of August and the beginning September we are experiencing an intense energy shift seems to be turbulent. This turbulent energy is a rapid flow that will shake things and make you feel uncomfortably rushed. The “key” is to stay in tune with your inner love and trust yourself that even if things seem to be falling apart you can get it all together. Because in reality what is truly happening is a reconstruction and alignment of things.

It is like remodeling a home. Let things to become reshape by the universal force, it is nothing much you are able to, except to collaborate and let you be move by the force, because this force is really taking care of you. As part of your collaboration is to stay still without reacting mentally to what may appear disturbing and perturbing, so apply the inner wise perspective to see deep with what is truly happening. By looking from a wise inner perspective you will be able to stay focused and in the flow with the universal and energies at your own pace. Underneath this strong flow of energy there are gifts of transformation and a sense of inner peace.


If you are try to race with this vibrational energy is more likely that you will collapse and get tired, just joint with it and enjoy the ride. Keep yourself calm and grounded, stay directed and focused and you will discern what is important for you and in alignment with your highest soul purpose. There are many benefits of this energy turbulence and one of them is the clearing and purification process of what has been stuck and has not longer a purpose in your highest life purpose.

This quickening of energy will last anywhere from the middle to the end of October. The benefit of this faster energy rush is that it may help to shift things for you and create a closer distance between you and what you want to co-create or accomplish that is already in your life path.

In closing, it is important for each of us to find and reach that inner peace within to help all of us to see things clearly and with the eyes of divine truth, where everything ultimately was originated and created. We will then have the inner truth and wisdom necessary to trust the continuing current of the universal flow and serve from its blessings.

Let’s create a world of heart consciousness to rejoice in peace and love!


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