We have reached the end of 2016, and it seems like this year passed in the blink of an eye. The year 2016 brought us gifts and blessings, from which we served and learned. Through these gifts and blessings we experienced life in our own unique way. Some desired experiences may not have been fulfilled and some may have surpassed our expectations, but now as we enter into a new year, we must move on to honor and welcome the new beginning of 2017.

2016 should become the end of a story in our mind, a story left in the past but one that can be carried in our hearts. No matter if we felt what we experienced last year was supposed happen or were left with empty or unfinished chapters in our lives, the reality is that now we must let go of the energies of 2016, and I would like to invite you to let go of these energies with gratitude. Having gratitude for all the experiences you had whether they were negative or positive is a good way to end the year, evoking this gratitude from a place of unconditional love, trusting that all that happened was supposed to happen in a way that needs to happened. This is because our higher consciousness bring us into alignment so that our true soul purpose can be fulfilled. I invite you to be grateful for all the blessings that you received for yourself, for your family, and for all the awakenings and transformations you progressed through as you now let go and release the energies from 2016.

Let yourself be carried into the new energies of 2017, to the beginning of a new story.

Allow it to arrive with vibrant energy as we look forward. We may now be full of excitement and uncertainty, which makes this journey very interesting. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is what drives our quest forward. Wonder makes us want to write the continuation of our story. For now I want to invite you to envision your story for 2017. What intentions do you have for this year? How do you want to embrace these new energies? Where do you want to be located physically, in new job or career, or in relationships or financially? How do you want to grow personally, spiritually, emotionally? What do you need to be aware of to be more fulfilled? Write the story that you wish your life to be, and let 2017 be what it needs to be in order for you to be ready to venture into the wonder of what lies ahead. Meet this future with your highest and most best attitude so you can live freely and openly.

I have been debating whether to name 2017 the year of the emotions or the year of water. However, I am just realizing that it should be called the year of “awakening of alignment.” It does not really matter what I call it. It can even be called Pedro, Pablo, Maria (or who knows,… maybe Israel). Let’s get to the energy that seems to be coming along with 2017. 2017 is a year in which feminine energy will be awakened, and it is a year of water which does not necessarily mean, that we will be flooded, but could be a year with more rain. It will also be an emotional year, which means that we will be more in touch with our emotional aspects, much more connected to ourselves and others.

The feminine energy being awakened, means that the feminine side will come to the surface from within most of us. Men and women will increase their connections to this part of their energy, although aware that we are all made of both energies. When I refer of this increased awakening the emotional aspects will awaken these aspect of feminine energy.

I would compare this awakening of the feminine aspect with the first time a woman goes into labor. I have never been in labor so I can only report what I have seen. Labor begins with infrequent contractions, but as the birth continues, contractions become more intense and more frequent. The contractions in this case represent the emotional aspect of life. When contractions are happening there are many things happening in the physical body of the woman, and all at same time. The outcome of all these emotions, and hard work, especially the first time, might manifest fear as the mother is anxious to see her new born and so on. When labor is completed the euphoric feeling of motherhood comes in to play, and all the softness, the caring, the awakening of the feminine begins.. Within this feminine awakening the intuition is enhanced and a new journey lies ahead.

A little more needs to be said about the water element energies of this new year to come. As I described before, being in labor can be thought of as the awakening of the feminine energy and contractions can represent the “birthing” of our emotional aspects.The water element for this year can be represented by the amniotic fluid itself. When the baby is ready to come out, the fountain breaks. Also the water signifies the cleansing and purification. Water is a very mystic symbol that represents the manifestation of the holy spirit from biblical stories. Water also represents emotions and life. Water is the flow of life; without water there is no existence. Remember that we are made of over 80% water.

In summary, this year 2017 is the beginning of a new cycle as well. This year’s numerological number is 1 which is symbolic of the beginning of new things. Whatever you envision during this year can potentially grow for the next 9 year cycle. So, this is the year to set your vision, and the year to awaken and realign with all spiritual beings.

For now I am going to leave you there and wish you a year filled with blessings, awakening and love above everything.

“True wisdom is not to know everything, but to apply and put into practice a little bit of what you know”

Israel Hurtado

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