We are now faced with changes that have brought currents of fear and confusion. One of the changes is the new president of the United States of America. The media and social media do a very good job on directing people’s attention to what they want us to hear and see. This direction of attention has a purpose of provoking a negative reaction mostly, and in some other occasions we will see things that will create a positive reaction.

My intention of writing this message is not to discuss politics, rather to bring awareness to the energies that are surfacing in many people around the world from this current event. So here are a few questions that I think may be important to consider. Why are we following this trend and feeding the energy of one person?  Is it because in our minds we have the program to believe what one big figure says is true? And is it true to ourselves?  I would like to invite you to reflect on the current energy happening, not necessarily in a political way, but as what the current is bringing to surface.  Also, what it is bringing to surface for you on a personal level, as you have interaction with others.

As we all may or may not know, the universe is all energy, and this energy in it’s current matter is composed of dark and light. The universal energy in it’s natural state is neutral. Energy in it’s natural state does not lean to one way or the other, it is just that….just energy!

In our minds we have the capacity to alter the state of the energy matter from a natural state of balance to either something positive or negative.  This alteration of course comes from the way we think or act based on our belief systems.  On the other hand, we also have the capacity to transform and shift energy from our heart consciousness, which is in alignment with the source of creation. From the origin of creation, there is no separation.

The dark and the light are mirrors to each other and one balances the other. In the universal consciousness, these two energies interwind together for an evolution and continued existence of the universe. They both are part of the life force, just as in an electric current, the positive and the negative create light.  Translating all this to our selves, we ourselves are a reflection of the universe. We are composed of negative and positive matter, our mind (logical thinking, the dark, fear) and our soul or heart consciousness (the light, the unconditional love).  What we perceive from what we see from the external world is based in the state of our inner perception, it is what is operating at the moment. We may either operate from a place of fear or love. When we operate from a place of fear, then we are out of balance, out of center and in misalignment to our true selves. We will see things with a negative mental emotional perspective. A negative feeling brings confusion, loss, and a sensation of being ungrounded and maybe a feeling of heaviness in our hearts and souls. We experience emptiness and disconnection from our true spirit. We become vulnerable as if we are making an invitation for others to take control our of minds, basically we become puppets, looking for approval from others. So we are susceptible to experience pain and suffering. Though the good news is that underneath these negative feelings triggered by fear exists a force of support. This force is love, love’s function is to rebalance us back to the place of creation where we are whole. When we allow this energy force to support and to work through us we regain balance and direction in our lives.
When we operate from a place of love we are in balance and we are mirrors with the universal force. We are in the flow and we are in the current of love opening to the doors of oneness as one individuals and as human collectiveness.

Ha ha! This might sound simple and complex. But here is where true work begins, the connecting of both sides of our selves ( the mind and the soul). The mind is the one that thinks who we are and the soul is who we truly are. Our job is to bring them together. When we join these two together, they will work together. This is when we become in alignment and center. So we gain a greater understanding of who we are. This is the journey in our lives to stay authentic to ourselves and stand our ground. As we follow our life’s journey, we became a paradox to our life’s simplicity and complexity. Within this paradox, our free will takes place and that is where we choose the way to follow.
By being authentic to ourselves we are standing our ground and we are driving from the place of love. So for the current times that we are facing as one individual and as human collective, it is important to remember our power of love and to project from the power of love for a greater self and a greater world to be.

Let’s keep our hearts in prayer and meditation to raise the light and bring healing to the earth.


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