This newsletter includes the October and November message: In the last message I talked about the intense flow of energy and the transformation that was going to bring with it. Such a bring out to surface all wounds to be healing, clearing old energy and even healing past life issues.

This strong flow of energy brought us the gift of quick shift in consciousness evolution as well the opportunity to realign the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fields of our beings.

Now we are in the flow of balance and integration so this is an opportunity to integrate and work with the new being that has being awake with in. Some might not be feeling this energy because you can be a late bloomer but this integration is coming on its way.

This is a good time to explore and see what has awake within as part of the integration process.

Also it is important that to remember that what you put out to the universe it is coming back in return. So really explore and work on the integration process of keep balance for now.

By having your independent daily practice meditation, prayer, and even affirmation as a way of keep this balance and healing. Also participate in group meditations or healing circles, these are only some of the things you want to consider. But more than any thing keeping that connections with the divine force that moves constantly.

Light and Love!

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