Trusting, Allowing and Greeting!


Calling the Spirits of The Water (Jun 2015 Mt. Shasta)

Feb 4, 2016 ~ The message I shared with you last month was about resisting the urge to strive and the benefits of letting go.

In beginning of the process of letting go we may face some hesitation, but you overcome this through embracing your heart consciousness. Trusting, yourself and the universe, allowing what will happen to come and then greeting what does happen with acceptance. Once you let go, the next step is to trust and understand that your request has been given to the great spirit/universe/God.

How do you trust? Trust with your heart consciousness which is the knowing and understanding of the universal life force. Trust comes with detachment from how our request is going to manifest. This trusting is the action of allowing the universal flow, to unfold as it is. After letting go, our only business is to trust and allow and greet whatever happens. It sounds pretty easy! Right?

Our mind doesn’t really understand or agree with the heart consciousness philosophy. WHAT? Our mind will resist and argue to avoid any changes. It will wonder and question anything that might look out of the ordinary, or out of its comfort limitations. It will question and want to know and justify things, but that justification easily becomes a judgment. When we do not allow trust of the heart, the doors to universal flow are not easy to find. Even if the universal flow wants to work with us this resistance wrestles against our efforts. While wrestling, we are not really sure if we will ever be united with the life force. Within this place of not allowing, distraction, conflict and loss of faith often happens. We let the mind be in charge, allowing our poor consciousness to move us away from our request.

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